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that the rest of us do. in response to the question earlier today from the congressman, we have quite an extensive bram to try to ensure that information can reach the iranian people, that they have the technology with access to that information. there are other things we can do to be helpful in supporting the aspirations of the iranian people. we would be glad to give you more detail. >> thank you. >> i have nothing to add. >> then i will turn to syria. there has been ongoing violence. secretary rice led an effort to vigorously. my question is, what is ever strategy moving forward? there has been progress made building international consensus. the question is, what are our next steps and what specifically do we need to do to work with china and russia to address their concerns? >> we have not stop to that effort. indeed, secretary cohen said earlier today, today the european union -- the commercial bank of iran and i meant to say the commercial bank of syria. they designated the commercial bank, which is an important step. stopping petroleum between oil and gas between europe in this
report. blind sided by terror. u.s. soldiers and civilian employees killed in a single deadliest ambush on americans in the afghan capital since the war began. fox reports live from kabul on the latest high profile attacks and now part of a disturbing trend and taking in a big haul coast guard style. >> seven times is about one third of what all of the street cops on land in the united states will catch in a given year. >> tonight, busting submarines loaded with cocaine before they reach u.s. shores. >> plus, remember this? summertime disaster in indiana. the deadly stage collapse as fans watched in horror. tonight, the rejuvenating spirit of sugar land. >> he so wonderful to see the emotion that they felt. >> i was hoping it would be a healing process for all of us, and it was. >> now, the show goes on. >> a car bomb explodes in afghanistan, and the aftermath is chilling. our top military officials calling it the deadliest single ground attack in that nation's capital since the war began. 12 americans among the deadment the taliban claiming responsibility. and this is war so the video
project on u.s. prohibition. later, stephen tankel of american university joins us to discuss pakistan and global terrorism. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] host: house and senate members are back in washington this week with a vote to keep the government running for six weeks scheduled in the house today. yesterday the senate moves forward on a bill to punish china for keeping the value of the currency lower. and on capitol hill, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will appear before the joint economic committee at 10:00 a.m. to discuss operation twist, the next efforts to boost the economy. live coverage on c-span 3 this morning. president obama will travel to texas to stump for his jobs bill, pledging monday to personally lobby congressional leaders to pass legislation. we will begin with campaign 2012 this morning and get your perspective on a presidential bid from new jersey gov. chris christie. he has not said if he is in or out but we want to hear from all of you this morning. we also have a fourt
>>> bank of america was in the headlines after it announced lit start charging customers who use a debit card. fees and perks, banks offer. >>> red skins take on one to have worst teams in the nfl the rams and almost have a late game collapse. dave ross will join us, monday morning quarterback. fox 5 morning news continues now. >>> all right washington monument right now, sharing the spotlight once again here is a live look at the top, weather permitting, engineers will be back out continuing to check for damage. >>> glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. it is funny how kingly we forget cold weather. >>> what we can expect the rest of the day. >> it will be a cool day. cool temperatures again today and some rain showers out there. look at hd radar. you can see rain off to our west and rainfall east near annapolis and savena park. >>> here is a look at big picture satellite radar shows you we have plenty of cloud cover mostly cloudy skies again today an area of low pressure off to the nothing further and that is helping the north and that is helping kee
and afloat. >>> and another royal wedding. this one not quite so well known but it does give us a colorful glimpse into a fascinating and once hidden world as a king marries a commoner. once hidden world as a king marries a commoner. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. back on september 17, very few people had heard of the protest movement called occupy wall street, but they did and they sure have since then. and so far there have been over 1,000 arrests across the united states as the movement spreads. they share a heritage with other big protest movements in american history. some of them have changed history. even though this protest doesn't look the same or take the same shape exactly any two days in a row. it's on the move. the players change. but the center of the message is increasingly resonating. the crowds tell us that. now the polls tell us that. but tomorrow here in new york an important moment arrives right where it all started. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's mara schiavocampo. mara, good evening. >> reporter: bria
to help us plan so we can better prepare for the next disaster. you may have recently met kqed staff as they distributed more than 1,000 emergency kits. and the california seismic safety commission. it's worth knowing our kqed website has information and prevention we're doing in schools. richard serino is the deputy administrator of fema. he was appointed in twine. in the two years since he's worked with the director to improve fema's capacity to prepare for, protect against, respond to and recover from and mitigate all hazards. his break through position after 35 years experience. he served as chief of boston e.m.s. and assistant director of the boston health commission. he has served as an interim manager. and for all of boston's major planned events including the boston marathon and the 2004 democratic national convention. no word yet of the boston red sox world series. as a consultant, -- [laughter] >> as a consultant to the pentagon and the defense department he served on the 9/11 after action team to assess medical consequence medical policy and procedures. more recently, rich
>>> where are the jobs? where are the jobs? >> boiling point. outrage over the stagnant u.s. economy. corporate greed and d.c. dysfunction grows as the government releases what is expected to be another dismal jobs report. >>> a bizarre twist. the parents of a missing kansas city baby deny police accusations they have stopped cooperating with investigators. >>> a decade old war in afghanistan. as one former commander warns, we're still a long way off from winning. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, october 7th, 2011. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. >>> we begin with the u.s. economy. this morning, the labor department releases its employment report for last month and the news is not expected to be good. economists predict that about 60,000 jobs were added in september, not enough to lower the employment rate which is expected to remain at 9.1%. unemployment has topped 8% for the past 31 months, the longest stretch on record. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on this. good morning, susan. >> hi, go
an assassination plot, which the u.s. says was cooked up by elements, quote, inside the iranian government. what that means is a subject of wild speculation at this hour. whatever it was, it was a plan to attempt to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states on u.s. soil, and it includes the planned use of bombs and a foiled murder-for-hire plot that involves an opium deal with a mexican drug cartel. can't make it up, and it is, indeed, both terrifying and perplexing all at the same time. we begin with nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, we heard the attorney general say this was intended to be an opening act of a broader plot. what, exactly, is the quality of the information that we have that is tying this to whether it's the iranian government, the mexican drug cartels, and all the players that are sort of being whipped around right now. >> reporter: well, just those players that we know of. and it's a very straightforward line, according to the government. they say this whole plot was cooked up in the spring of this year, and the central character is a man named monsieur
from the u.s. and maintained by ground crews in the warning. but some are warning they could become a little too handy. >> let me say one thing about drone strikes. i support them as a tool. but we have to be very careful how we use them. but we have to have a counter narrative, we have to live our values, we have to do other thing, diplomacy and development in the countries in order to persuade the next generation not to strap an suicide belt. >> and meantime a new travel alert in the wake of the death of anwar al-awlaki. they say the death of him could provide motivation for anti-american attacks worldwide from individuals or groups seek to go retaliate. americans traveling oversees are urged to register with the u.s. embassy in the country they are visiting. >> thanks very much. of course, the death of anwar al-awlaki has dealt a blow to al-qaeda. joining us former fbi agent. >> how big is this for the u.s. military? >> it's a big deal. he was clearly one of the key leaders in al-qaeda and there's only a certain amount of leaders. it's not an infinite pool. it hurts them. it send
, but the independent external review of water management operations will help us decide whether or not to undertake that revision and to what scope and scale based on recommendations will come from that panel. >> is the evidence pretty strong that given this extraordinary event and given new data, and that this is the moment in time that you would want to update of the manual? >> we have a new hydrological datapoint that makes us take that into consideration very seriously. >> what is a realistic time frame for updating that long- term manual? >> anywhere from 1 to x years. >> x is pretty open-ended. i just want to point out that that gives us the possibility of many additional flood the season's with an arguably outdated manuals, and given the extraordinary nature of this recent event, i would encourage a real focus on upgrading the long-term annual relatively quickly. >> yes, sir. >> let me thank you not only for your testimony, but for your service to our country. we appreciate the professionalism in which to operate, these very stressful issues. that will complete this panel. we will now turn t
will get to know him and talk about the toughest issues facing them. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background. >> my parents immigrated to the united states in the 1960's. i was the first kid born in the u.s. my parents sacrificed everything so that their kids could have the opportunities that they wanted when they came here. i grew up in the boston area and lived in different parts of boston. i went to catholic price school in dorchester, a section of boston. -- i went to catholic high school in dorchester, a section of boston. because of my parents, my brothers and i were all blessed to go to harvard university. that is where i went to school. it was intense. i stayed there for law school and have a master's in public policy from there. those are subjects i decided to study because i was interested in public service and public policy issues and government. >> you grew up in the boston area. what made you want to make the transition and moved to san francisco? what motivated you to get involved in politics question marks before i ran for office, and worked in san fra
of occupy oakland say they were not part of this march. >> they tried to scare us away, push us out of the park. we are not going away. >> before the march, oakland resident kareem mcknight fired up the crowd. she joined protesters tuesday night and broke and dislocated her shoulder. >> oakland was, i twhib it was ground zero for how they were going to deal with this movement. were they going to be able to sweep us away? were they going to be able to arrest us? oakland says no. >> literally in the last 30 seconds or so i've been texting with my photographer, he tells me they were most recently at 18th street, and opd are on the scene. the protest is apparently still happening. we're live in oakland. >> and coming up in just about 12 minutes, we'll hear more from the occupy oakland protesters about what they want and the status of a plan for wednesday. >> we have new information about that iraq war veteran seriously injured this week in the police crackdown of the occupy protest. 24-year-old scott olsen has been recovering at highland hospital in oakland. police say he suffered a hea
late steve jobs. thank you for talking to us this evening. >> that does it for us tonight. i'm ezra klein. rachel will be back tomorrow. follow me on twitter at klein. it is now time for "the ed show." good night. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." from new york, the 99% are out protesting across the country. today president obama acknowledged the occy wall street movement and the potential affect it might have on the next election. but herman cain didn't seem to get the message and is calling them un-american. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> i would with love nothing more than to see congress act so aggressively that i can't campaign against them as a do-nothing congress. >> reporter: the president is hammering republicans on jobs and republicans continue to attack the 99% movement. >> if you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> tonight, van jones, laura flander and john nichols on today's occupy protests. house republicans refuse to condemn rick perry's name hunting camp and rick perry is speaking out on the is
and there is the argument or discussion about whether or not a person will be allowed to use a credit card. and i do believe we have the responsibility to make sure the customer experience is as good as possible. when you have a system that places the financial burden on the driver for the driver is charged the additional feet, whether it is intended or not, you will have situations where drivers will be forced, or at least will have the pressure to not accept credit cards, and i do worry about that. i do worry about the issue of fairness in terms of what it means to pass this charge on to a driver. we have heard from many people, including management of these companies, how extensive this is an difficult it is to operate a business, and i am mindful of that, but the question remains, if this is expensive, who should bear the burden? and is it correct or right from apollo's -- public policy standpoint to pass this onto the driver? i think that discussion needs further analysis, and i personally believe, also have been taken cabs, that being a cab driver is a very dangerous job. i do not believe people are m
to get on the right road. >> and they are. and u.s. firms are very, very far along to meeting those new standards. >> do you have confidence that the european banks and the regulators there will comply with basel iii, the spirit as well as the letter of it? >> >> well, we're going to do everything they can to make sure they do, of course. and as i say, we have the time to try to make sure we're confident that's going to happen because these rules only start to bite over the next several years. and so we're working very hard to insure we have better protections in place. >> uh-huh. mr. secretary, do you know of any financial institution, and you've been around a while, that has had, that has been adequately, in other words -- and i don't say -- well capitalized and have liquidity that has failed? >> that's like a, that's a very interesting question. um, i think that in a, in a really systemic financial crisis just to think back to the experience of this country in 2008, for example, it certainly was the case from the great depression and other examples of this stuff, you can have a situa
the great work the gao led us to take steps. the more that we can continue that feedback k feedback, that program will be better off. ..ave five days to submit statements and questions for the record. after we hear from our witnesses individual members will be recognized for five minutes each for questions and i now recognize myself five minutes for my opening statement. two weeks ago for expert witnesses testified in this hearing room. to experts explained in an insurgency is raging along our southern border. the effort to focus on the fact that violence and crime in mexico have taken a unique term and the u.s. response has not followed. all agree the situation has evolved and fragment into violent criminal control over parts of mexico. it is clear that today mexico represents a unique situation requiring the development of its own specific classifications to successfully combat the authority of this expanding criminal control. today i will continue to make the case that mexico is facing a criminal insurgency. the attack on the state are clear. the criminal organizations are captur
show do creator is here to talk about it all. >> great to have you with us. thank you for watching "the ed show." herman cain launched another tirade against the 99% movement. the former ceo of godfather's pizza blasted him last night. according to the associated press, herman cain called the occupy wall street protesters un-american. the pizzaman doesn't have a clue because he hasn't been there while herman cain has been touring the country on his presidential campaign/book tour i've been out there with the folks and i know they are not un-american. i'll let you be the judge. >> what this is the 99%. this is the vast majority of the american people. >> capital of the world is getting a lot of attention right now in terms of the mistreatment and the unfair burden that's being placed on working families. >> why are you i here? >> to tax the rich. tax the rich. they are not paying their fair share. >> they are not paying their fair share. i want our money back. >> there are republicans and this is not about a party. this is about a movement to take it back to the people. >> i'm here becau
have an accident at warren road and beaver dam road. use extra caution. nothing major on the j.f.x. in to town. we had an overnight vehicle crash westbound. in the westbound direction, watch for delays from stevensville in towards the bay bridge. the north side is moving well. the rest of the major roadways are in good shape at this hour. this is 50 at sandy point. westbound traffic and we're seeing a lot of a volume leftover from that accident. this is traffic near belair road in the northeast corner of the beltway, very light at this hour. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the search is on for a new baltimore county school superintendent. >> some controversy over whether dr. joe hairston decided to step down voluntarily. jennifer franciotti is live with more. good morning. >> dr. hairston's contract is up in june so the board has about nine months to find a replacement. he made the board president aware of his decision to leave. search forunced the its replacement will begin immediately. >> i have established a committee to institute and to begin to institute the sea
>>> good morning, america. this morning, october blast. it is not a trick. and for many of us, not a treat. a monster storm barreling up into the northeast this morning, with the biggest and earliest snowfall in more than a century. major cities in the crosshairs, as we head into a white halloween. >>> true survival. after six, long days lost in the wilderness, an 8-year-old autistic boy is found alive. no food and temperatures near freezing. how did he survive so long, all alone? >>> desperate decision. a mother's worst fear realized. trapped by a fire. she's forced to drop her two, young children out of a third floor window to the neighbors below. how did she work up the courage to do this? she's going to talk with us exclusively this morning. >>> and miracle pup. they tried to put him down but he survived. how did little daniel the dog cheat death? we'll meet him live right here in our studio this morning. >>> and we've got him live with us in the studio this morning. this is a huge get for us. daniel the dog. there he is. he's got a sweater on, looking chipper. >> looking
. dylan ratigan's here to take us forward. dylan? >> the vagaries of your opinion, sometimes, it's hard to tell where you're coming from, martin. that one was pretty clear-cut, i appreciate that. >> i'm damned with fake praise. thank you very much, dylan. >> i'll talk to you next time. the show starts right now. >>> well, good afternoon to you. nice to see you. i am dylan ratigan. it is a milestone monday for so many today. first, occupy wall street marking its one-month anniversary in occupation. more importantly, the movement has cemented itself as a worldwide aligned event. more on that a bit later. but we start off with our own milestone here at "the d.r. show," because over the weekend, we achieved our first-ever digital double. more than 200,000 of us joining in a partnership to simply get money out of politics, as a singular principle. as we've been saying, this is the beginning. our hope is that all of us will be able to join the debate on this proposed amendment and double our digital wave again and again, the 200, 400, 800, and so on, until we are massive by the conventions ne
to pay the rest of us $3.50 an hour in the 1960's. host: you can also send us e- mail at this is the scene from times square. that is the nasdaq symbol, not far from broadway and became crown zero and the new york rallies go across the globe. here is a story, that the world wide protest were not court netted but not quite spontaneous. -- coordinated but not quite spontaneous. that essentially summarizes what happened over the weekend inside the "new york times" and robert joins us from of rhode island. caller: where it should be heading is that we have all of these people unemployed due to jobs being sent overseas. they should bring them back for the same about money, and i can almost guarantee you -- i am an accountant -- they could manufacture those jobs here in the united states, give people a living wage, give them pensions and fringe benefits and put people back to work. just like the person they call before, who has the skills in textiles, items like that. put them back to work by starting to open up those close the factories, and using american workers.
who is in custody. he is a used car salesman from texas and his friends are having a very hard time believing he is a terrorist. >> herman cain is now the republican front-runner for the president. according to the latest national poll. leaving many analysts wondering if the georgia businessman's plan resonating. all that and more on "american morning." >>> good morning, everybody. it is thursday, october 13. >> it is certainly not a good morning. i can't get messages from people, i can't send messages. >> mine was down yesterday but back now. >> mine was up yesterday but i e-mailed this morning. our executive producer said i will be late. >> that's the e-mail i sent. >> he is panicking going where are my anchor. >> if you don't know what we are talking about, millions of blackberry users are without service this morning. now four-day blackout spreads to north america. the outage primarily affects e-mails and internet access, not the ability to make phone calls or text. >> weird. problem started monday affecting customers in europe, middle east and africa. by tuesday, it has spread
today to commemorate our community celebration since loama created us. i think all of you here in the audience if you were anywhere in the bay area 22 years ago, have stories tell us about the earth shaking. i, myself, had a 4-year-old son who came running into the house to tell us mommy, mommy, the earth is moving. i was watching the early baseball game and hadn't even felt it. so it shows where my mind was anyway, i think we're going to learn today the whole approach to disaster recovery. we all know about preparedness and the initial recovery phases, but really we're talking about resiliency and how quickly we bounced back after this big one. we have lots of dignitaries in the audience today, our keynote speaker from fema. nancy ward who is our region nine fema director. we have cal e.m.a. here, mike dayton and his staff. chief greg sir and they brought their whole command staff. we have many nert scroll teers. nert was a group that came about from 9/11 i mean -- shows where my mind is. from loma prieta. we have a lot prepared for you and i want to welcome our two chiefs up.
. this reaction from u.s. ambassador to afghanistan ryan crocker. he says, quote, it's a shock, it makes you mad, it makes me angry, we are not going to let these guys win. >>> and snowblowers are in big demand today in the northeast. a rare wintry storm is dumping a mix of sleet and snow just this weekend before halloween. some parts of the region could see more than a foot of the white stuff. that's actually especially troubling because the trees are not ready at all for this. >> the trees, still plenty of leaves on them. you have forecasters saying heavy, wet snow, high winds. those are the perfect ingredients for potentially a large problem with the electric grid. >> we'll have in-depth coverage of the storm with meteorologist chad myers and jacqui jeras in just a few moments. >>> the florida highway patrol arrested a driver accused of going 120 miles per hour. that driver, a miami police officer. the highway patrol says the miami officer was on his way to a second job when he was pulled over and that he was arrested at gunpoint after ignoring multiple warnings to stop. >>> and wikileaks fou
degree murder charges and police are trying to arrest a seventh suspect. >> there are four guns used. tests had to be done, dna analysis had to be done. a lot of things had to come together to make an informed decision. >> the d.a.commended the businesses in this part of contral for helping in this investigation. and several provided surveillance video helping investigators piece together a case sm. pitched in to help victims husband and two sons when visiting following the death a cord tg a bay area journalist living in germany, san francisco locals were instrument for raising a memorial. >> the woman was an administrator held a memorial service last week, using some of the $6,000 used for that purpose. they say they don't want forget her, she was well loved in the community. >> gascone says indictments were a high priority. >> there was very bad media going on. about the safety of san francisco. it's important to show as a community not only this is not something we're going to tolerate. >> and the counsel yul general was at the news conference. she says her government is very happ
'm nancy loo we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. the 10 month old lisa irwin was last seen asleep in her crib and 1030 monday night. when 100 kansas city police officers, fbi agents, and firefighters are looking for her. authorities said her parents were questioned and more cooperative. if the amber alert was issued yesterday morning but was then canceled last night. police said that the alert was no longer necessary although she is still considered missing an endangered. >>amanda knox is spending her first full day back home for the first time in four years >>thanks to everyone who supported me defended me and my family >>sheet thanked the crowd emotionally who greeted her last evening and she and her family arrived in seattle one day earlier an italian court acquitted her of the murder of her roommate british exchange student meredith kercher. knox's parents are grateful to everyone who supported their family as well as the italian lawyers who fought on her behalf. >>all i can say is again thanking you. it is because of th
no in my part of the u.s. government. >> no one from the bureau of the national narcotics and law enforcement knew about fast and furious in your testimony today? >> i became aware of it at the same time. >> what about drug enforcement administration? >> congressmen, we are working with those committees that are investigating that matter at this time that would be the comment that i would meet. >> so your comment is that you were not going to comment on a direct question about whether or not you're agency knew about fast and furious? >> my comment would be that we are working with those subcommittees that are investigating fast and furious. >> this happens to be a member of congress interested and you are now under oath so you could answer the question for me. >> i find that to be of great interest, but your predecessor just spoke, mr. brown's field can go on record that he didn't know anything about it and you cannot. do you know anything of fast and furious? >> i knew when it became exposed to all of you and in terms of my office i can say that no one in my office knew. >> you p
jordan. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country and on wgn america and on the web ... julian crews as a live report outside wrigley field >>the cubs front office declined to comment but a sports talk radio station in boston said it's a done deal theo epstein is coming to the chicago cubs >>member will get some championships hopefully >>you cannot count your chickens before they hatch but the cubs fans are hoping for the best this is the latest report and a flurry of bulletins reporting that it's likely that the red sox general manager is ready to jump. it's impossible to know whether his representatives are posturing the cubs are refusing to comment he has one more year left on his contract with boston. most teams would take pains not to tamper with anyone still under contract. >>there's centuries' worth of emotional baggage to be overcome here with chicago cubs fans but if anyone can help them it is believed it is theo epstein. >>he's a good baseball guy ... he knows which strings depaul which players to bring an and had put a team toge
-american cleric anwar al-awlaki was killed in yemen. does the u.s. have al-qaeda on the ropes? >> we need you, your country needs you. [applaus [applause] >> welcome to the journal, editorial report. i am paul gigot. he says he won't run, but the clamor continues. and chris christie, what does he have that the g.o.p. field is missing. journal us editorial board member, jason riley, henninger and james freeman, james, this clamor about the appeal of christie or the lack of appeal of everybody else. >> it's mainly christie, rick perry has doesn't the job in the debates. looking at guys on the stage, the debates on the stage, they're not as good as the governor of new jersey has done, a powerful case for limited government. >> paul: christie has been in that battle and people have seen him and people have seen him taking on the issues. >> they'll emulated them. the republicans around the country talking about reforming government and limiting benefits programs in a direct way, a way, for example, he can talk about reforming teacher's unions and their pension systems without coming off at anti-e
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-qaida's deadliest group hit hard again. word of a u.s. drone strike taking out terrorist. including the son of al-awlaki. new details on the strike. and more deadly clashes in the streets of yemen the country's leader slaughters his own people. >> we have shootings in seal beach. >> the chilling 911 call in a southern california hair salon. >> is she still there? >> no, he walked away. >> we'll have more on that call. >> plus, on the hunt for a pair of thieves in drag. >> police are searching for the cross dressing duoon a crime spreen after they hit swanky retailers in manhattan. >> troops in uganda. and president obama said they arrived on wednesday. uganda borders the congo of south sudan. troops will be deploying there. what is the. to find and kill joseph coney. the guerrilla group accused of terrorizing tens of thousands of people. mr. obama said the united states supported military operation. but attempts to take coney out is unsuccessful. and now u.s. forces will be on the ground to provide support. the troops will not engage in battle unless they defend themselves. reaction is mixed. >>
back to the phone company, back up to the satellite into us. but an extensive charge of about $14,000 per month for the phone services. i a agree with everyone what they say, but i have to comply with the federal government, and i think so you. there was a 1099k but all taxicab drivers have to pay credit-card fees on all credit card transactions. we are in the process contracting out because we cannot be the merchant to comply with the company called mobile technology. you should be very proud. we are the number one cab company in the united states, putting more people and our calves than any other cab company in the united states. we do $1 million in credit-card transactions per month, and yes, we were paying $40,000 per month and we are not now. the permit holders are another subject. this is a much broader thing that you really think it is. there are a lot of aspects that running back have company. it is a very tough job. we're auto accident liabilities that you guys do not even understand. we provide jobs to individuals that king got into their own business and create their ow
expires today. our own stacy cohen joins us live with more on that good morning. >> reporter: good morning if there is any imminent threat you cannot feel it here everybody is laid back, waking up, drinking coffee chatting about the day's events they are not planning on leaving they are staying put the permit did expire they have been here since thursday various marchs and rallies they have had lots of speakers some times very large attendance, this morning there is just a few dozen as the day gets started. they have different messages some are opposed to the war many opposed to corporate greed across the board people i talked to said they are willing to stay put even if that means being arrested >> i decided not to vote any more because it is a silly game that they play, to make us thing we have some input when in reality we have zero input. if you got money, then you got input. >>> the word occupy means occupy it doesn't mean you came and you did stay, one little thing happens you end up going to jail and then it is over no, you defeat your purpose my whole thing is that, once you commi
" exclusive were this u.s. marine's family. >> i'm highly pissed off. >> this video is bringing back the mustache. >> is it wreerd that i am so cra crazily attracted to this man and his mustache? >> his 'stache is raising cash. >>> imagine seeing this guy rifling through your house. one couple captured terrifying images of a burglar. the high tech bay they did it. this bird finds a sugar daddy down on the dock. >> like this. >>> the odd connection that gets this bird his pet of a day. >>> what happens when "twilight" star robert pattinson shows up. >> everybody goes crazy, right? >> not in this country. >> see where fan craziness translates into really polite fan. >>> our first story a heartbreaking one, from the occupy protest. this time, in oakland. christian, you have the story? >> this is a video that we found on ktv, it shows the chaotic protests at frank ogawa plaza enter oakland. the police are using tear gas, rubber bullets, flash-bangs and smoke grenades to try to control the crowd. the images i warn you, are very, very graphic. if you look here, there's a man on the ground
of the most infamous terror attacks on u.s. citizens, killed after two months in hiding. how he was caught, what he was carrying and his last words. we have team coverage, including abc's christiane amanpour, the last american journalist to interview him. and barbara walters, who went toe to toe with the strongman at the height of his power. >> in our country, we read that you are unstable. we read that you are mad. >>> beasts in your backyard. the loopholes that let lions, tigers and bears live nearby there are more tigers in american neighborhoods than the african world. a brian ross investigation. >>> deadly delay? why did steve jobs refuse a surgery that might have saved his life? >>> and, catch of a lifetime. why is this 6-year-old smiling? the firefighter who made a perfect catch. call him mr. clutch. >>> good evening. for more than four decades, he ruled libya with flamboyance and fear. but tonight, after months on the run, moammar gadhafi is dead. his last moments were caught on tape, and we should warn you, this video is gruesome. there is gadhafi, grazed, gravely wounded but stil
and joins us live from perugia, italy. what else did knox have to say to the jurors this morning? >> you know, she got up and could barely speak,ally. choking back the tears. they asked, do you want to take a seat? she said, no. she said okay. and she made a tearful plea but maintained her composure each time underscoring i did not kill, i did not rape, i did not steal, i was not there, i was innocent and delivered the speech in fluid italian, really, much more emotional than i've ever seen her. she has been emotional. and ali she threw away the script. normally she would try and read. this time if she had notes she bearly referred to them and this was something that came straight from the heart. let's listen. >> translator: i am not what i say i am. perversity, violence. i respect life and people, and i haven't done the things that they are suggesting that i've done. i haven't. >> moderator:erred murdered, i haven't raped, i haven't stolen. i wasn't there. i wasn't present in that crime. >> she continually is saying that, look, i refuse to pay for my life for something i did not do, and
to use another bank's atm. >> i'm going there right now. well maybe not right now. >> all right. a little bit later. >> carter evans, thanks so much. >>> "american morning" continues right now. >> good morning, i'm ali velshi. right now amanda knox is waiting to see anxiously to see if her murder conviction will are overturned. earlier this morning she pleaded her case directly to the jury. now they are deliberating. we're expecting a verdict today. we go live to italy straight ahead. >>> i'm carol costello, it looks like chris christie had a change of heart. now reportedly reconsidering a run for president, but there's one thing his team needs to figure out first. on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. it is monday, october 3rd. christina's off today. i'm here the whole morning and was going to listen to whatever you were going to say anyway. whatever you said about chris christie has my attention. one thing his team has to consider first. i'm very, very excited about that. renewed talk he's going to get into the race. >> i know. it's really l
many large scale attacks on u.s. troops here in kabul. one thing that has happened here in recent months the taliban are focusing much more on spectacular attacks killing afghan government officials and things like this convoy is part of a new trend that we are seeing here in afghanistan as overall violence is beginning to decrease. we're seeing more spectacular attacks. this comes after afghans are beginning to take over security responsibility across the country but already here in kabul, they are response for the security. today's attack is a deadly reminder that the tobacco still strike with violent consequences. the afghan security forces are not yet quite capable and ready to secure kabul let alone the entire country. >> gregg: coner powell, we'll check back with you, thanks. >> heather: in syria, several people are dead following a new government crackdown. security forces apparently launching a new round of raids targeting protestors, killing at least three people. just yesterday 40 others why killed in a demonstration. according to the u.n., so far some 3,000 people have
heard last night, law enforcement is telling us we can stay for another four months. there is a lot of enthusiasm for the message. >>> well, they want to share this space we are told, they agreed other events long planned for the freedom plaza space protestors agreed to make way and allow other things to continue to happen here as long as they stay orderly and do not destroy the property they will be left alone we are told. as far as marchs or other spontaneous events with this group or the occupy dc group, remains to be seen but we could be in it for the long haul. >>> thank you. >>> now the protestors that sparked the new anti greed movement will be allowed to stay in a lower manhattan park mayor bloomberg announced occupy wall street will be there indefinitely as long as they obey the law this comes with a cost the police department says they spent $2 million mostly in overtime to patrol the protest area, during recent weeks. >>> new this morning a passenger stabs a metro bus driver in montgomery county it began midnight when someone reported the suspect, a 52-year- old man was e
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